You are the Pan: Neverland’s Greatest Victory

I built a non-porno movie set in my basement, brought in a string quartet for a custom soundtrack, and booked an event with two local bands at a bar to screen this short film.

A friend and I used wood pallets to build the set of Neverland in the basement of a house I was renting.  During that time and until we started filming, I was going around local music shows asking the audience members and performers to play various roles in the movie.  I held an audition for the part of Wendy at a local bar, cast multiple people per part in case someone didn’t show up, and built up a balance on a credit card as I ordered all sorts of stuff for the movie.  I set up computers for script writing and invited to my basement a college professor of screenwriting, a writer with a B.A. in English, and a writer with a B.A. in film.

My friend Kevin composed the music for the movie, and some string musicians recorded the movie’s soundtrack in my living room. I had taught myself to play clarinet in two days by slamming through a beginner’s clarinet lesson book, and then I played it in a string/woodwind quintet for the film!  That’s why the clarinet part is so awful.

Over 5 filming attempts, I got all the footage I was able to squeeze out of the set before my lease at the house ran out.  We cut it very close with a strictly scheduled premiere and production running late.  I was moving and editing and tending to a hurt spine and working a full-time job.  Yet, I finished with an hour to go before the show at the Melody Inn, a local bar, to screen the movie and have two bands play that evening.  It was standing room only shortly after people started filing in, and the audience laughed at all the appropriate moments of comedy and expressed shock at the scene of horror.

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