For all your conference, deposition, event, wedding, music video, commercial, movie, or other video needs, I want to get you the best video results.  Contact me to arrange a meeting and plan a video shoot!

I use my own digital video camera with my own rig, lights, and audio equipment.  Depending on the scale of your project, I may need to charge more so I can rent video equipment and hire a crew.  Most projects do not require much extravagance.

Commercial Video – Starting at $600:  Three hours of shooting video and four days of post processing and editing is the starting package that results in a quick, short video to get your message or product out there.  I can make any commercial video for TV, social media, or as part of a loop in your waiting room, for example.  We can shoot in a studio starting at $150 extra.

Personal Video – Starting at $450:  Three hours of shooting video and, depending on the style, at least a week of post processing and editing is the starting package.  Capture forever footage of your baby’s steps, your family’s get-together, or a message you want to preserve in a particular moment.  It is $150 extra, starting, to shoot in a studio setting.

Wedding Video – Starting at $1250:  For weddings, I have always hired at least one more videographer.  The starting price includes filming during the photos before the ceremony and the wedding ceremony under an hour long with two videographers; then, the reception in this starting package is with one videographer.

For any other video needs, let’s get in touch and plan the occasion.  I am very flexible and enjoy working with large groups of diverse people.