This short movie was inspired by a misunderstanding of the Taken trailer I watched in a theater with a lot of people talking over most of the audio.

Having premiered my You Are the Pan: Neverland’s Greatest Victory movie, I was excited to make more.  I used what I learned from making the Peter Pan movie and tried to get some better video in this one.

Alysha, Wendy from the first big project, was excited to make more short movies and went crazy on the makeup.  I just asked for a unibrow, and she used the pirate makeup kit we had bought at a nearby Halloween store to look fantastic.

Just before shooting, we went to a local Goodwill store to get the two phones, denim jacket, short shorts, and jean shorts.  Then, Irvin, the kidnapper in the video, cut the short shorts extra short while I put on a tank top, a camo jacket that’s very warm, and the new jorts.  Knowing we were going to make a movie about a redneck, we kept our party trash and threw it around in the back of my truck.

To make this short movie, we filmed for only about an hour.   Then Irvin, the kidnapper in the video, and I edited the footage for about three hours.  After a slow upload, six hours from starting, we had finished and uploaded the redneck version of Taken.

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