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Nick Nevada was such a good police officer that the department could not afford him. Although he did not want to come back once he was laid off, the privatized prison authorities feared he might return and then could negatively impact their income. So, they put a hit out on him.

Inspired by Lorenzo Lamas in “Renegade” and Arnold Schwarzenegger in general, we made this short action movie.

Original music:
“Opening Credits in A Minor”
Music: Radomir Jordanovic
Contrabass solo: Kevin E. Richards
Announcer: Spike Real

“Boogie Man”
Composed by Bizarre Noir
Performed by Bizarre Noir on their Into the Sunset album
Permission given by Sam Quebe, bassist; Chris Charles, vocalist

“Ending Credits”
Comosed by Andrew Noonan
Performed by Andrew Noonan and Kevin E. Richards

Get Christian Bale’s ringtone:


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