I provide a wide range of photography services.  All images, once given to you, are yours with full rights and no watermarks.  I work with pets, children, grownups, and everyone in between.  Contact me to arrange a meeting and plan a photo shoot!

Film photography, color or black and white, with a 35mm SLR camera is available upon request.  It is $45 extra per 24 exposures to cover the cost of film rolls and development.  A typical photo shoot may use 48 or more exposures.  These photos may take longer than a month to process.

Family/Maternity/General Portraits – Starting at $115:  One hour for your family indoors, outdoors, or a combo.  We can take photos in a studio for an extra $70 for sets, props, and studio lighting.  The starting price includes 12 digital images or 10 film pictures.

Engagement Pictures – Starting at $165:  Congratulations!  Let’s capture your wonderful moment forever in crisp, beautiful photographs.  The starting price includes 10 digital images or 8 film pictures.

Wedding Pictures – Starting Prices Vary:  The day of your wedding, photography prices start at $750 for a two-camera ceremony package.  If you would like to have the wedding party photographed not the day of the marriage, if you were not able to have your wedding photographed or were married in a courthouse, the starting price is $350.  We can take photos indoors or outdoors, or we can go inside a studio for $70 extra for one hour.  Photo quantity is relative to the scale of the wedding party.

Modeling Portfolio – Starting at $180:  One hour of photos of you in a studio with a variety of composition and posing.  The starting price includes 8 digital or film pictures.

For any other photography opportunities, like products, passports, and others, let’s get in touch and plan out what you need.  I’m very flexible and enjoy working diligently to take fantastic photos.