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A Whole Summer of Work

I’ve just shot another short movie after two weddings in one week. People are getting ready for the next big movie premiere, already booked, September 19th, at the Melody Inn with at least one band signed up. 

I’m available for commercial, event, and wedding work, photo or video, so let me know what you need so we can work together. 

Shooting a Horror Movie

I’ve been picked up as the camera and sound guy for Our Bloody Hallows’ Eve, a horror movie by Creephouse Films.  Filming starts in New Jersey on the 15th, so I’m going on a road trip!  I’m very excited to be under two weeks away, and I look forward to meeting all the new people.  It’s definitely going to be a great time.

The GoFundMe page is still running and needs more $$.  So far, the team before I joined had put in $7000 in equipment, costumes, and the like.  Go donate, please, to make sure everything goes deliciously:

Check out the trailer here:

Naptown Vice Trailer

I made another video! I’ve been working on Naptown Vice, a movie about two vice detectives strung out on coke who are trying to take over the cocaine distribution or at least harness it in some way because the police department is on to their main suppliers.  There’s also a love triangle.

Another music video for another band!

I was very excited about this video because I got to wiggle around and make toast.  Also, I got some new lenses and worked with them throughout most of the project.  In post production, I labored longer over color grading and used a “Bleach Bypass” filter to give the video a look that goes with its music and possible message.