Naptown Vice Trailer

I made another video! I’ve been working on Naptown Vice, a movie about two vice detectives strung out on coke who are trying to take over the cocaine distribution or at least harness it in some way because the police department is on to their main suppliers.  There’s also a love triangle.

Another music video for another band!

I was very excited about this video because I got to wiggle around and make toast.  Also, I got some new lenses and worked with them throughout most of the project.  In post production, I labored longer over color grading and used a “Bleach Bypass” filter to give the video a look that goes with its music and possible message.


Little Ronald

“The pimp has an unfortunate accident with a shopping cart.”

Check out this web comic about a bodybuilder named Little Ronald who goes on adventures with his friend, the pimp. Follow the Little Ronald web comic for lots of adventures!